Pregnancy is an amazing ride but dealing with pregnancy plus morning sickness far away from home was the most difficult thing I’ve ever experienced.


So how to deal? These tips personally helped me a lot.


Stay in bed

I had those mornings when the idea of ​​getting out of bed for university only increased the nausea. I had to listen to my body and stay in bed. A VERY important thing is to give yourself a break because it’s working overtime on growing a baby.

I heard comments like: Many pregnant women go to work and have a normal life. PEOPLE, not all pregnant women experience this trust me. Even, my mom never had these symptoms in her two pregnancies.

But it was difficult to take lots “day at home”  because I couldn’t divulge my pregnancy news before I was ready. So I covered up with my migraine.


Distract yourself

I read some books, I saw series, movies. I practiced yoga with youtube’s help hihi and I stayed as relaxed as possible.

You can’t ignore nausea, but finding something, anything to take your mind off it may help you forget it for a while.


Eat a little

It was crazy because I couldn’t eat anything, ANYTHING. yup.. And I really love food hihi.

Take pretzels, dried fruit, nuts, dry cereals, apples, oranges, lemon, LEMON is so important. I used to put in a liter of water lemon and sugar. It helped a lot!!

Water was the worst thing. So, I started to take gas water and it was magic. It isn’t bad but don’t take it too much because it can also produce gases.

Personally, the only thing I could eat as a “meal” was chicken soup and lasagna. I know every person, body and tastes are different so discover which one is the perfect meal for you.


Track Your Nausea

Despite the nausea I never stopped taking the vitamins.

Morning sickness isn’t so random. I used to get nauseated (hihi) at the same time everyday. Once you’ve identified your sickness, you can take the appropriate time to drink your vitamins. This will help you and your baby.



I hope this will be useful to all future mothers. It’s a difficult time but you can do it. And remember always listen to your body.


With so much love,



The Vie Enchantée.








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