Things about marrying a Russian ❤️

Hello everyone!

I’m so happy to be back on my blog. I have prepared everything for my baby. The due date is very close and honestly I can’t wait! (I have some pain but the joy is greater hihi)

By the way, this is the first time I write in English. If there’s any mistake I’m so so sorry hihi. My native language is Spanish and I have stopped practicing English for a year.

I’m married with an amazing man. He’s Russian. I never imagined getting married at 20 and I never ever imagined marrying a Russian hihi.

Loyalty. Men have the ability to love his partner more than anything. If a man truly loves you he will do everything for you.

I have never seen so many old couples in any other country as in Russia.

Family is SO important. At first I was impressed because when we were dating her mom called him 8 times a day! (my mom usually calls me once a day to make sure I’m okay hihi) then I understood that it’s their culture. My husband can call his whole family everyday, this includes, grandmother, uncles, cousins, etc.

Housekeeping talent. This my husband taught me. He agrees that women can also study, have a job just like them, but it’s essential to take care of the house. And that’s what I do everyday. I have to admit at the beginning it was hard for me but now I do everything in 30 minutes and when I ask his help he’s always happy to help!

Sincerity. I have asked him why are they serious. They seem to be angry or very rude hihi. His reason was one, they are honest and sincere.(It’s really hard to understand but it’s their culture hihi) By the way I’m always smiling 🙂 at the beginning everyone thought I was drunk until my belly grew (pregnant women can’t hihi)

I have shared a general description of being married to a Russian man. My husband always helps me, he’s very careful, he has never been rude to me.

There will always be different stereotypes that we as women must change them if they are wrong or keep them and accept them if it’s part of a culture.

With so much ❤️

•The Vie Enchantée•

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